Hidden Figures of Pop Culture Part 1: A dream come true but who gets the fame

This is a famous quote from Walt Disney, yet his brother who financed and helped with a large amount in establishing this company. Yet this business only receives about half the amount of fame. Photo: Quotes Everlasting on Flickr

Last week, I wrote about some of the facts about Walt Disney Studios and the connections to Paris and other parts of Europe. As I was working on a draft I reminder that even I forget about Walt’s older brother Roy (Oliver) Disney. This week, I decided to write on three people who have been overshadowed or lost in the limelight, due to the success of one of their siblings/business partners.

Roy the Businessman

“Roy Disney should be included for without him none of Walt Disney’s projects happen, brothers in life, brothers in business.”  -Ron Heis

(Jones 1971).

One thing you may not know about Roy Oliver Disney (1893-1971) is that he was a business my in his own right. Here of his commitments to the Walt Disney Company and personal achievements:

  • Invested $250 out of $750, Walt invested $40, the remaining $500 “[…] was borrowed from an uncle.” (Jones 1971).
  • He acted at the company’s “cameraman and bookkeeper(Jones 1971). To me, this shows that he was a hard worker and a skilled multitasker.
  • He was in charge of the finances and distribution of the family company which allowed them to gain their own Hollywood studio in 1929 and “their Burbank studios” in 1940 (Jones 1971). He was also in charge of the finances, and construction of Walt Disney World (Jones 1971). Yet his name is the one we associated with the company and it’s multiple theme parks.
  • He was a Navy officer during World War I but had to retire from this position as “His health was affected by the sea life”. . I feel this time he spent in the navy which shows the pride he had for his country
  • He was extremely humble and once said:

“My job is to help Walt do the things he wants to do.”[…].” – Roy Disney

(Jones 1971).

I hope you learned something interesting about Roy and you can give him the appreciation he deserves.

I found two interesting posts to share with you, have a look:

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